Our Products

Aircraft Collection is a Canadian company that specializes in the conception and realization of airplane model replicas which are hand-crafted primarily from solid hardwood.


We have developed more than 1000 models of airplanes that are reduced to a scale varying from 1:15 to 1:300 depending on the airplane replica. A one-size model is available for each airplane that is replicated and the length varies from 15 to 50 centimeters.. Depending on the airplane replica, each model is composed of 3 to10 easily-assembled movable pieces which includes the fuselage, the wings, the tail assembly, the rudders and the stabilizers to which the model’s wings and base are attached.

The wood used in the fabrication, known as King Mahogany, is not painted in the finishing phase so the natural beauty of the wood’s grain adds distinction to the hand-crafted model. The wood receives a base protection which prevents drying out and cracking. Occasional cleaning maintenance with a citrus-based oil product is sufficient is keeping the collection piece beautiful even after year after year of display in your company office or private home.

Airplane Collection models are collection pieces for the following technical reasons. Firstly, the models are limited editions and hand-crafted. Secondly, the replica is an accurate scaled-down model of the original aircraft. All specifications of the airplane’s design are religiously respected for accuracy.  Thirdly, the wood is carefully chosen for its natural beauty, color and grain in function to the type of aircraft model. A pre-determined time is taken to dry and conserve the wood before the hand-crafting by our artists.

In the final phase, the model receives a unique pellicle coating devised by the technical advisors of the Aircraft Collection which enhances, once again, the natural beauty of the wood and provides a durable protection for years to come.

In the intricate conception phase, service and cargo doors are made of a different wood in order to determine their position on the aircraft. Equally, a darker grain is used to visually characterize the effect of the doors. For technical conceptions on certain models, meticulously engraved wood accomplishes the desired visual effect.

The windshield angle of the aircraft and the passenger windows are conform to the aeronautical manufacturer. Transparent resin is used and the resemblance with the original aircraft is uncanny. The position of the movable parts, wings, tail assembly, stabilizers, and depth of the rudder are engraved exactly as the original aircraft and conform to the aviator’s plan.

Propellers vary with different aircraft models but all have the same characteristic in that the part turns freely around a fixed axis. The rudders on float planes are movable and realistic to the original.

In conceiving our models, one important objective is to realize a product that assembles with ease. Depending on tests results and feasibility studies, certain models in the collection are individually hand-crafted from a single piece of wood which is appropriate for that particular replica.


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