Aircraft Collection Business Opportunitie

Do you want to become a reseller for Aircraft Collection? We can make you a proposal difficult to resist.

Aircraft Collection is open to discuss business opportunities with owners of sales points situated in airports or those specialized in the collectors market and promotion services.

Aircraft Collection doesn't show products as demonstrations in any boutiques of our sales network nor use consignation techniques to recruit theirs business partners. But the company does provide a resellers price that makes them able to offer to their customer a price more attractive than if they were buying through the Aircraft Collection catalog website.

In fact, for each replica that your boutique will buy at the reseller price, we will offer a second replica FOR FREE. As the minimum purchase to be considered a reseller or sales point is only 10 replicas, you will start your Aircraft Collection presentation point with at least 20 replicas. That’s hard on our online sales department, but its right that the one who makes the sale makes the money.

Getting an Aircraft Collection sale's point also attract new customer to your boutique. Peoples usually just stop for check the replicas in exposition. you will also be listed in our Sale's Points List and get your free advertisement page.



To find out about our various promotions consult our Facebook page @aircraftcollection.